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“Social Media is a 21st Century form of Surrealism that doubles as a lifestyle and triples as a wayward form of ‘communication.’ It is aggression, contempt, sharing, love, hate, climate change, ugly donuts, a cultural ‘outhouse,’ relentless and vicious advertising, spying, political pudding, and the only thing that is more frightening than the evening news.” – JP Colin

This is the short list of Social Media platforms that I have accounts on. I also have accounts on other well-known and lesser-known Social Media platforms. If you want to know if I’m on a different platform, or suggest a new platform to me, connect with me via one of these platforms or send me an email message. I tend to favor Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Medium, but I monitor all Social Media platforms with regular frequency.


Please be concise, but thorough, when contacting me. Threats and illicit activities will be reported to the proper authorities. Rude comments will be ignored or blocked.


I will respond to requests for information as I receive them. However, I am a disabled veteran with numerous limitations, so please be patient!

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