A deep Love for art

creating Magic Through exploration

We’ve always had a love for well-done art, ever since the gods first took us along on one of their spiritual journeys. The way we create art has always seemed a little bit like magic. We are both constantly improving our skills to make our work the best it can possibly be.

And no, we don’t necessarily believe in the “gods,” but we’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t. You are free to believe whatever you want. The point is that we do not believe our calling as artists is to doggedly challenge your beliefs or to support them. We just create art. All the images on this website are JP Colin’s art. The JP Colin Design logo was designed by KL Colin.

Necrotic Retablo


we are living art

our lives inspire our art

Over the the course of our challenging lives, we’ve diligently developed our unique personal philosophies for creating exceptional fine art projects. Whether your interest in art arises as a collector, investor, enthusiast, or you’re just looking to fill up the space in your mega-mansion or humble hovel, we endeavor to create art of interest to you. Our work is as unique as we are.

JP Colin is a 61-year-old mixed ancestry (African & European), disabled veteran (PTSD) of the United States Air Force and National Security Agency. KL Colin is slightly younger and was diagnosed with severe Bipolar Disorder with co-morbidities. JP Colin is currently finishing up his BFA in Studio Art and BA in Creative Writing at a university in New Mexico.

using your thoughts

you complete our art

The art we create is not about advancing any social or political agenda. We create art that is about offering our audience the most sincere and inspirational artistic experience possible. While we sometimes will engage social and political themes in the context of our work, it is not our desire to be advocates or activists. We deeply enjoy such art and respect artists focused on advocacy and activism, but have chosen not to create such art ourselves.

In accordance with an idea originated by the famous French artist Marcel Duchamp, we believe that our audience is an active participant in completing our work. Whatever experiences and interpretations our audience brings to our work impacts how that work is meaningfully completed for them. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy our art. There is also no conflict between our sense of professionalism and our deeply held sense of artistic integrity.

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