About JP Colin

“My life has been a truly unusual one. Take a look at the Brief Highlights, then read more detailed information if you like. The most bizarre components are in the details listed in my ‘Inflection Points.'” – JP Colin

About KL Colin

KL Colin is a talented Visual Artist and is the spouse of JP Colin. She has Bipolar Disorder, but continues to create her own outstanding Art and also collaborates with JP Colin. Because of the nature of her disorder, inquiries about her and her C.V. should be directed to JP Colin.

Brief Highlights of My Life


I grew up in the city of La Puente, California. My father died when I was a child, and we lived in relative poverty. My mother was less than sane, and I experienced abuse, racism, and isolation at her hands and in the world at large..

Young Adult

I graduated from high school early, and attended college intermittently. I took a number of dead-end jobs until I met my future wife. I joined the United States Air Force, and got married.


I was trained as a Cryptolinguist Specialist and worked at the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, MD. I was released a from active duty few months early to serve three years of reserve duty with the California Air National Guard.


I was initially unaware that what I was experiencing was symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and I was also unaware that my wife was showing severe symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Much of My Life was lost to Fate

“I am shaped by the world around me in the same way that I shape the world around me. It is an interaction that was initiated long before I was born and which will continue long after I die.” – JP Colin

My Evolution of Thought and Action

This is my Creative Life Statement

My Creative Life Statement

This is my Ongoing Affirmation of the Power of the Arts
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