JP Colin needs your help. He is an Honor Student and excels at his studies. He has been awarded some performance-based scholarship assistance, but that is not covering all the costs of tuition, books, and art supplies. If you wish to help there are two ways you can help directly:

| My Patreon Account |

| My PayPal.Me Account |

You can donate to one of these accounts by clicking on the appropriate | link | above and it will go a long way towards helping me to cover the cost of school, and buying the tools and supplies I need to establish myself as an artist.

If you would like to help over the long-term, please take a look at the works I have for sale (on the “Sales” page) and consider purchasing some of my Art. That would be of even greater assistance than an outright donation. This is your chance to help a disabled veteran to achieve greater independence. I thank you in the deepest and most sincere terms.

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