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JP Colin Design currently includes two artists: JP Colin, and KL Colin. JP Colin is an older University student at a major public university in the American Southwest. KL Colin has college training in Traditional Art methods, and is also a Master of Photoshop and other Digital Art software. The live together in the American Southwest.

JP Colin is a disabled Mixed Ancestry United States Air Force veteran who served as a Cryptolinguistic Specialist and Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency. He was born in Southern California and raised in the Eastern section of the San Gabriel Valley, which lies about 32 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The community in which he was raised was a violence-prone area that experienced, and continues to experience, among the highest rates of gang-related deaths in the nation. He was born as a Black American into a largely unknown racial diaspora between the South and the West Coast. He suffered from many issues for decades after his military service, but was only properly diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in recent years. This made for a very difficult number of decades, and many extremely distressing and unusual challenges arose in his life. He returned to university studies only after receiving Veteran’s Administration Disability Assistance, which allowed him to refocus his life. He is currently a millionth-year senior, double-majoring in Studio Art and Creative Writing. He is also very slowly taking supporting courses while working towards a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics—as a hobby.

KL Colin was also born and raised in Southern California. She was eventually diagnosed with severe Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features. She is one-hundred percent disabled, and JP is both her spouse and court designated caregiver. She is, however, able to create exceptional Art, but continues to struggle to manage the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Her Art is seen primarily in our Art Merchandise.

JP identifies artistically with those artists labeled as “Degenerate” by the Nazis. Studying their Art has encouraged him to work to produce Art that is both challenging and thought-provoking. He has also studied works by many other “fringe” visual artists, writers, musicians, and actors. He also has an an abiding admiration for birds from the Corvidae family; especially Crows. Crows are largely misunderstood, and they live their lives in accordance with rules that only the Crows tend to understand. They are also creatures of mystery and lore. JP sees the Crows as philosophical and spiritual teachers. He likes to think of himself as someone who aspires to be an “Art Crow.” It is indicative of his grounding in both Artistic and Philosophical Heterodoxy.

JP avoids any partisan political activities, and largely focuses on universal themes in his Art. JP does, however, occasionally create work that confronts political issues and/or famous “leaders.” He just prefers not to be involved with any specific groups or organizations established to forward any religious, social, or political agenda. As Groucho Marx famously said, “Any club that would have me as a member isn’t worth joining.” Instead of partisan political rhetoric, JP tries to inject as much originality, humor, mindfulness, and honesty into his creative work as possible—delighting in the idea that feathers will get ruffled no matter how well-intended his work might be.

Though he avoids partisan political involvement, there are a number of issues that are of abiding importance to JP. He is involved in promoting the Arts and Arts Education, protecting the Earth’s Environment and promoting Sustainability, promoting the rights and interests of Military Veterans around the world, promoting the interests of members of the LGBTQ communities around the world, helping to build better relationships between Law Enforcement and the communities they serve, promoting Animal Rights and a reduction in the consumption of Meat, and advancing Economic Justice for all impoverished and marginalized people around the world.

While JP Colin Design currently consists of only JP Colin and KL Colin, both artists seek to collaborate with other artists. They hope to eventually develop JP Colin Design into a broader arts-focused organization with multiple artists functioning as partners in the enterprise. JP has a very strong interest in seeking partnerships in Arts projects with individuals from many diverse groups that have often been marginalized by major arts organizations, including; military veterans, veterans of law enforcement, veterans of national security and intelligence organizations, people from marginalized racial, ethnic, and religious groups, people who have been incarcerated in the past, and people with various mental and physical disabilities.

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