Artistic Philosophy

Symbolically, I don’t create Art. My Art creates me. I don’t often rely on fanciful or impulsive inspiration, and I do not limit myself to any particular medium. I work with all media and methods because that is who and what I am. I am of mixed race and ancestry, as well as insanely extreme experiences. My Art reflects that. The nature and subject matter of my Art has been deeply influenced by various disciplines of study and historical philosophies: Stochastic Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Physics, Quantum Neuroscience, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Christian Mysticism, Indigenous Spiritualities, Paganism, Existentialism, Epistemology, Ontology, Aesthetics, AntiAesthetics, Conflict Theory, and Military Science, among several others. I have also been influenced by a broad range of extremely creative people too vast to list. If I can conceptualize a piece of meaningful and challenging Art, I’m going bring that idea into being. I won’t just try, I will succeed.

The manner in which I conduct my creative process is one that might be familiar to anyone who has served in the military. I evaluate where I am at any given moment in time, then I do whatever is necessary to find the most appropriate creative path for a project—across multiple mediums and modalities. I will use whichever modality best represents the path I want to take. I lean heavily on mixing diverse media, styles, and forms that challenge established convention. I find a creative path that seems appealing, make certain it’s not a creative dead end, then begin my journey. Challenging accepted ideas and deconstructing any anticipated context for my work are extremely important to me. In fact, taking broadly circulated ideas on a journey out of their most commonly accepted contexts is at the core of my Art. I like my Art to end up in a “contextual purgatory,” where there are minimal reference points, and patrons are forced to turn inside themselves to establish a context. I work diligently to find the best techniques and tools to complete the journey. I am a perpetual student. I know I’m on the right track when I am uncertain if I can reach my objective, and when I am so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn’t find my way back to it to save my life. So, if you don’t feel like your sense of meaning and purpose in life has been transformed into a contextomy by encounters with the Art I create, then I haven’t done my job as an Artist.

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