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“Becoming Gojira” | Stop Motion Study comprised of a Series of Charcoal on Paper Drawings

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I have a preference for Visual Art that features unusual methods of creation. Related to Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, I have a preference for Photorealism, Surrealism, and Expressionism. Photographically, I tend to prefer Surrealist Photography, Noir Photography, Color Noir Photography, Motion Capture Photography, and Street Photography. The overwhelming majority of my Video work is humorous, but I am still “finding my way” in that medium. In my Writing, I tend to favor Absurdism, Neo-Realism, and Traditional Storytelling. I regularly produce Educational and Critical Essays on Art, Culture, and Life in general, both humorous and serious (though I tend to lean on humor and sarcasm a lot), but I prefer Fiction over Nonfiction. Musically, I have an interest in everything that is not Top 40, Rap, or Pop Country (to include Country Rap). My musical projects will be included over time, as I gain access to better equipment and perfect my skills on the instruments I play.

Even though I “favor” particular styles and schools of thought, I do not confine myself exclusively to those styles and schools. I am given to moving outside my comfort zone simply for the challenge of making some new idea or technique “my own.” I enjoy pulling concepts out of their expected context, and letting them float over the undefined contextual abyss. It’s up to the “Art Consumer” to add their own context. The idea is to draw people into the works as deeply as possible. They may not always be made happier by the experience, but they’ll definitely feel more “human.”

I am largely focused on several specific areas of interest in the arts |

  • Visual Art | Primarily Mixed Media to include elements of Photography, Sculpture in Various Media, Painting, Digital Art & Video Production, and Decorative Art.
  • Writing | Screenwriting, Playwriting, Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, and limited Critical Essays and Reviews.
  • Music | Music Composition and Production across all genres of Music, playing most of the Musical Instruments that I include in my work.
  • Acting | I have University Coursework and limited experience in Acting for Movies, Stage, Television, and on the Internet.

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