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My Artistic Merchandise is available via a number of trusted vendors. The links below open up to the pages with each featured Artistic Merchandise item or items related to that image. All transactions will take place via the vendors’ secure websites which are identified in the item descriptions. I do not currently process any sales transactions on my website, so no payment information is transmitted to this website.

Art Merchandise for Sale

All Items are being Sold by the Vendors in the Listing

Questions | Answers

Important Questions and Answers

Currently, I sell products based on my personal Art and/or Art, or the Art of my wife, KL Colin, who is an extremely skilled Digital Artist who suffers from a serious disability, as do I. There are a range of products that will be sold in the future. Those products will be available as links on this website as they are produced, and as sales agreements are reached with the relevant vendors.

At the point when durable, one-of-a-kind Art is sold, such as Paintings, Sculpture, Functional & Kinetic Art, or other similar pieces, an “Authenticity Verification Process” will be installed on the website, allowing people who buy the Art to be certain that the Art is authentic, even if the Art is being sold for profit after purchase for investment purposes. Certain key identifying elements on the Art will be employed, and that information will be maintained on the website for as long as I am alive to create Art, and possibly thereafter by third party entities.

At the moment, my products are sold by, Cafepress, DeviantArt, Fine Art America, and Saatchi Art. These vendors were chosen for their security, customer service, and tendency to sell the types of high-quality items that I produce. [Only some of the items are currently listed on this website. Most of the items will be on the website by 1/30/2019. I am in the process of redesigning many of the items, so the website will only feature the redesigned items, once I am finished. ]

There are numerous different vendors that I am considering. Join my Mailing List to get advanced details as they are available.

Since the products are being sold by each vendor, you will need to follow their return procedures. I have chosen vendors which I know to have reliable customer service for this reason. As much as I’d like to encourage “impulse buying,” however, I will also encourage you to purchase only those products that you think you’ll want to keep, or which you believe will make appropriate gifts, if that is your reason for making a purchase. However, I actually DO believe that the products I am selling are superlative, and I am quite certain that you will be satisfied with any considered purchase!

In light of the ever increasing difficulty in securing online information, I believe it is prudent to leave maintaining such security to vendors with a proven track record of effective security. As well, I have chosen the vendors I use based on their popularity, customer service, and their reputation for selling higher quality items. I much prefer to create Art and Art Merchandise than spend the majority of my time dealing with the numerous issues that vendors normally need to address.

Yes. However, neither Books nor original Music will be available until mid-2019, at the earliest. As with all my other creative products, they will be sold via third party vendors. Join my Mailing List  for more information as it becomes available.