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Helping Those Who Served Us

22+ Suicides per day is not the way america should say "thank you for your service"

What YOU can do to Help End the Crisis Among American Veterans:

First, Educate Yourself:

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What I am Promoting As a Veterans' Advocate to Create Change for Veterans:

It’s time for real Reform of the Veterans’ Administration. 22+ veterans committing suicide per day is evidence that something is wrong. Veterans are still being denied access to urgently needed Healthcare Options, and 7 veterans have committed suicide on VA properties since the beginning of 2019.

The Veterans’ Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 was largely a failure. It failed to implement changes in a transparent manner, and ended up doing little more than streamlining the process of denying appeals. We cannot allow the VA to fail in its mission. There are too many pressures on the VA to “Privatize” it, or even abolish it. That would be a national disgrace, and an existential disaster for all veterans. We need to highlight what being done well, and fix what’s not working.

In the interest of all veterans new Reform needs to be crafted, including the following priorities:


  • Increased Oversight and Transparency for the Veterans’ Administration:
    • More direct involvement by Congress on the specifics of VA Administrative Policies
    • Establishment of a “Civilian Oversight Board” to transparently Review and make Enforceable Recommendations on VA policies and Performance: Special attention given to: Health Outcomes for veterans who use the VA as their Primary Healthcare Provider; Ensuring that VA Disability Claims are not being denied in a spurious Manner as a de facto “Budget Balancer”; Ensuring that VA Educational Benefits match the actual costs associated with Public University-Level Education
    • Annual publicly available Reports on VA expenditures, including how much of Funding Allocated to VA was actually spent directly on providing services to veterans and how much was spent on Vendor Contracts and Vendor Bonuses, as well as how Vendor Contracts were Evaluated and Approved
  • System-wide Comprehensive Audit of Three VA Areas of Interest:
    • Procedures for Compilation and Public Distribution of Statistics on Veteran Suicides
    • Specific Criteria for Approving or Denying of Veterans’ Disability Claims
    • Specific Criteria for Recruitment and Selection of Contracted “Experts” who provide Input on the Approval and Denial of VA Disability Claims and Appeals, including Specific Compensation Rates and Total Percentage of VA Budge
  • Create a Public Education Campaign for Broadcast Media and the Internet on the Most Urgent Issues Veterans Face:
    • 22+ Veteran Suicides Per Day/Thousands Per Year/7 Veterans have committed Suicide on VA properties since start of 2019
    • Thousands of Veterans are still not having access to VA Healthcare
    • VA’s New “Modernization” may be simply Speeding Up Denials of Valid Disability Claims
    • VA Educational Benefits are not Keeping Pace with Actual Educational Costs

Personal “First Step” Advocacy Project:

  • Developing a 30-60 Second “Public Service Announcement” (PSA) for distribution on Television and the Internet: I am seeking funding sufficient to establish a project that focused on educating the General Public, Policy Makers, and Private Enterprise on the dire situation that veterans face here in the United States. The PSA will focus on the following areas:
    • The Epidemic: A Veterans’ Suicide Rate that is much higher than the national average
    • The Ongoing Difficulties Veterans face in accessing Healthcare, even well into the 21st Century
    • The “Invisible Wounds”: Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • The Major Problem of Veteran Homelessness
    • The “Real Costs of War”: How failing to Count the Costs to Veterans Hurts the Entire Nation

I’m Asking for the Help of the All Americans: Here’s how you can help:

  • Connect with Veterans’ Organizations to learn more about Veterans’ Issues. There’s a link to an article about the Major Organizations in the “Help Me and Help Veterans” section below
  • Read “My PTSD Story” in the “Help Me … ” – Link Below
  • Read “Silent Genocide of Veterans” – Link Below
  • Read “What Americans Don’t Know About the Crisis . . . ” – Link Below
  • Contribute to my Patreon Campaign so I can push forward with the Veterans’ PSA, and other Projects – Link Below
  • Contribute to my Fundly Campaign for the Veterans’ Public Service Announcement  – Link Belo