Visual Art:

Multimodal High-Tech Artisan, Designer, Consultant, and Advocate

“Every Photo, Painting, Sculpture, or other piece of Visual Art should tell a unique story to every person that views it, as though the piece were reading their mind.”

- JP Colin -

Questions | Answers

Important Questions and Answers

At the moment, I produce mainly Photographic Art and Art Merchandise based on my Photographic Art. Like every Artist struggling to build an audience, I am focused on work that will allow me to demonstrate the full range of Artistic possibilities I would like to explore.

I also am set to begin producing various Canvas, Wood and other Paintings,  “Functional Art,” Kinetic Art, and work with Wood, Metal, Stone, Plastic, and any other materials available at the time. I should have pieces of this type available for sale sometime in late Spring of 2019. I will include information about all work for sale my newsletters.

In the past, I worked in Oils on Canvas and Wood quite a bit. Health and circumstances prevented me from working in those mediums for some time, but I anticipate returning to those mediums in the near future, with the help of protective gear to prevent Asthma issues, and with what I hope will be higher quality materials to work with.

As well, KL Colin, my wife, collaborates with me on Arts and Design projects. She is far more skilled at Typography than am I, and with my input, she designed my main logo. She is a Photoshop master, and has been one of my major sources of inspiration for wanting to expand beyond solely producing writing projects, and to move into every area of Artistic expression possible. She is one of my three great “living muses” in life. The others is our lifelong mutual friend, Linda, and my son, Anthony.

I was strongly influenced in what types of Photography I favor largely by Surrealist and Street Photographers from around the world. I will occasionally look for appropriate Still Life subject matter, but I prefer working at producing Surrealist and Street Photography most often. There is little than compares with seeing a subject “out-of-context,” and subsequently trying to frame an image to offer a different potential context to view it from. Fine Art images really tell a story, and that narrative should be at least as compelling as a poem, if not an entire novel. Ideally, the sensation should extend beyond the visceral, into the realm of the “transcendent.”

The Surrealist photography of Man Ray was one of the first major influences on my personal style, followed closely by Japanese Street and Surrealist Photographers like Daidō Moriyama, Nobuyoshi Araki, Shōmei Tōmatsu, Eikoh Hosoe, and several others.

I later learned about the work of innovative Photographers from the avant garde of Fashion Photography like Helmut Newton, and Richard Avedon, and Street Photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Vivian Maier, among others, whose work was so different than anything I had known of Photography before that I was drawn deeper into a desire to continually learn more about the breadth of Photography.

Like my preferences in Photography, I tend to favor Surrealism and other abstract forms of painted work. I rarely, if ever, focus on Portraiture Painting, but instead am working on developing my skills in Abstract and Surrealist Chinese, Japanese, and Indian influenced painting styles in painting various types of subjects.

I also have a preference for working with Oils. Acrylic and Watercolor painting is fun and rewarding to work with, but nothing builds up on any Canvas or other surface quite like Oils. I am also looking forward to doing original full paintings on some of the Functional Art projects I have planned. There are so many possibilities to mix media and methods that I get excited even thinking about them.

Only my Print Art and Art Merchandise are currently available for sale on the “Store” page via numerous online vendors. In the relatively near future, my other Art projects will be available for sale and an “Authenticity Verification Process” will be available on my website. Even though I am not looking to sell my Art directly from my website, this verification process will allow buyers to ensure that the Art they buy that bears my name is authentic.

The images on this page are only a small sampling of the images I have available. Many of the images I have produced are not for sale, and not available to explore anywhere. Eventually, it is my hope to have a separate website specifically for my Visual Art work, but for now I will do my best to make the largest amount of my work available for viewing via a number of exhibition and display websites.

At some point, it is my hope to work towards physical showings in galleries. That will likely be more of a focus for my Functional and Kinetic Art works, but Paintings and original Photos may be included as well, as time allows.

As is the case for most working Artists, I am open to producing any type of Artistic creation that I feel that I have the skills to do on the highest professional level. I will not accept any commission that requires me to produce something I that I believe might be beyond my current skill set as a Visual Artist. Professionalism and qualify are an imperative for me.

While I am always seeking out opportunities to attain additional training in all of the Arts, my most extensive formal training is as a Writer. Currently (this may change eventually), I am only willing to collaborate with other Artists in a very narrow context. Anyone that has an interest in collaboration should contact me with their collaborative ideas.

It is my desire to expand as quickly as possible into all types of Visual Art, with a heavy focus on Functional and Kinetic Art. I look to always work in Mixed-Media, but I will definitely move in whatever direction the opportunities take me. As I am ready to engage in broader collaborations, I will make that widely known.