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Sane Cannabis Legalization: Why It’s Time for the World to Move Past the Self-Serving Scare Tactics and Embrace Cannabis.

Hero’s Requiem: How America is Failing to Care for Its Military Members, First Responders, Veterans, and Disabled Citizens.

About my Writing

Even though the links on this page are all linked to nonfiction writing projects, I also love writing poetry, fiction, plays, and screenplays. I have written grants, copy for websites and manuals, and other random pieces. I still write whatever pays when offered assignments. I was far too naive to have kept records of all my printed or tech work, but at least the Internet faithfully kept the samples I’ve listed.

My Writing Philosophy, In Brief

Many writers have a distinct “voice” as writers. Though I have been influenced by many famous and infamous voices, I have come to the realization that I prefer not to develop a readily recognizable “voice.” At any point when I feel like I am becoming “predictable” in my character or style, I try to shift my writing to keep learning new “tricks.” I use this idea as a method to ensure that my creative projects always remain an “adventure.”

Questions | Answers

Important Questions and Answers

Yes. Each book is meant to be an anchor for one of three areas of advocacy that I am engaged in: advocacy for the Arts, advocacy for Veterans, Disabled and Marginalized people, and advocacy for Cannabis legalization. The books are meant to offer a context for my advocacy, and to offer guidance to those that want to engage in similar forms of advocacy. There is an abundance of misinformation being distributed in each of these areas of advocacy.

In the United States, governmental and private support for the Arts and Arts Education has been on the decline for decades. The lack of Arts education and support has hurt the U.S. economy in ways that few truly understand. Arts are not universally supported around the world. There are real-time consequences to a failure of support for the Arts. The Spirit of the Arts will explore this, and many other related issues in great detail.

The “Thank you for your service” mindset also falls tragically short of being sufficient to help veterans whose service in the military created life-long health and other problems for them. Words don’t replace needed medical/therapeutic and financial assistance. The Veteran’s Administration is woefully remiss in its responsibilities towards veterans. The American public clearly is not aware of the extent to which disabled veterans are being damaged by a lack of concern and support. Veterans are dying each and every day because of illness and neglect.

And, Cannabis Legalization is a contentious issue where facts are widely misrepresented, and self-serving special interests are dominating the debate. There are powerful political and economic interests seeding the debate with misinformation and creating division via outmoded and misshapen spurious moral arguments. The few are ignoring the needs and desires of the many, and it’s time for people around the world to stand up and face the facts that support “Sane Cannabis Legalization.”

Yes. It’s my hope that experts in each of the respective areas of advocacy will come forward offer their expertise and insights to these book projects. There are numerous entities in the U.S. and around the world involved as participants in various levels of government, industry, advocacy groups, and as affected citizens. Their input is critical to making the book projects as accurate and effective as possible.

People with ANY expertise in ANY area of understanding related to these issues of advocacy are encouraged to contact me via Social Media or Email and let me know how they might be able to assist. For those contacting me via Email with serious interest, I have a business message phone number available. Those contacting me via this message phone will then be contacted by me directly to discuss the information or suggestions being offered.

Yes. On the “Participate” page there are a number of Crowdfunding campaigns and direct contribute links related to the book projects. Those interested in contributing can do so via one of more of those campaigns, or they can contact me via Email to request other methods of offering financial assistance. I have a business message phone number that I will provide to those contacting me with serious interest in offering assistance. Those leaving information at this number will then be contacted by me directly to discuss the proposed contributions and/or suggestions.

Portions of the profits from the sales of the books will be offered to organizations engaged in advocacy in each of these areas of interest. I am currently drafting cooperative proposals to those organizations whom I have found to be most effectively involved in advocacy in each area of interest.

All who contribute to these projects, or any of the Advocacy or Arts efforts I am engaged in, will receive ongoing updates as to how all the projects are progressing. For those who might be interested, I will provide some information on the long-term projects I am developing.

Yes. I have many books projects planned for the future. As they move further along in their development, I will provide further details. I can already say, however, that both fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, and other projects are planned.

I have a broad range of large and small scale writing projects planned. As each is more fully developed, I will share that information with those that might be interested.

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