There is a beautiful dream I have of bringing the arts back to the masses. I have initiated an art education project that will feature opportunities to highlight creatives in the arts at their earliest point of “emergence,” while demystifying the lives and creative processes of established creative professionals. Via video interviews, written interviews, and live events, I have been connecting with people in the arts who wish to push back against the trend towards devaluing the arts across the world.

I am a 63-year-old military veteran who still struggles with many challenges in life, but who has emerged healthier and happier from the worst of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder via my involvement in the arts. I want to share my overflowing passion for the arts and experiences as an artist and art scholar with audiences who are not necessarily “art insiders.” I want to introduce a broader audience to the wonders I have found in the arts, and acquaint more people with marginalized creative professionals, the previously unseen thoughts and processes of well-known arts professionals, as well as aspects of art history not ordinarily explored.

This project cannot succeed without a lot of help from those who understand the importance of the arts. If you want to see a rebirth of interest in the arts around the world, please connect with me to see how you can help me reinvigorate arts education around the world and reintroduce the masses to the joy and beauty of the arts. I am dedicated to pushing back against those who wish to diminish the arts and destroy artistic freedom. Please help revive the arts. Contact me and help me revive the arts.


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