Rather than being simple simulacra that visually represent “Fear,” the pieces are complex explorations of the role of Fear and Anxiety in modulating human behavior. Each piece is a chapter in a larger narrative. The narrative is not yet a comprehensive investigation of all possible areas of interest, but it does represent a trio of salient themes that are ubiquitous in societies around the world. The trio of pieces move from a simple mixed media sculpture to a sculpture with minor technological elements, and ultimately to a fully self-contained small-scale installation inviting uncomfortable haptic interaction and featuring complex video and sound elements. The most complex component directly illustrates the “Firehose of Falsehood” concept, which is used by intelligence and industrial professionals to influence behavior.


Shadow of Gaia

This is a mixed media sculpture featuring a fired, earthenware form that is crowned by a reflective stainless-steel hemisphere and highlighted by reflective ground glass and earth-tone pumice pebbles. The earthenware form is painted with orange acrylic paint and sealed with water-based acrylic varnish.


Dread of Loss of Identity

This is a mixed media sculpture, featuring a fired black crank stoneware clay body. Hot glass was poured on the top of the piece and allowed to anneal in a manner that produced fracturing. The piece is also covered in dyed resins and has a painted crank terra cotta clay body base. The light running through the piece is an LED neon tube that operates via remote control.


Investigations on How to Control Fear & Anxiety

This is a self-contained installation piece featuring ceramic sculptural pieces, video media, and sound. The base is an Ikea low-end desk which has been covered in plexiglass.



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