These images are offered as a very brief overview of the types of work that I’ve done. As a multidisciplinary artist, there aren’t many modes of expression that I haven’t undertaken. Since I kind of stumbled into my current position, in the midst of recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I wasn’t always as diligent about retaining great images of my work as a “Professional Artist” should be. We cannot erase the past. I have what I have. The samples include everything from Sculpture, to Photography, to Graphic Design, to AI Enhanced Collage (AI Fill, using AI and Traditional Digital Art Tools on Appropriated Images), to Paintings, to a brief video of my current work on exhibition at the Royal College of Art. I’m a damaged military veteran, don’t expect me to follow the conventions of the “Art World.” If you would like to see a more extensive sampling of my work, contact me. I also post samples regularly on Instagram.





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